Organize. Control. Explore.

Atlys Explorer is a simple tool for organizing your personal data in a private database and creating personalized dashboards that give you insights about your life.

Available now on the Google Play Store.


Coming soon to the Apple App Store.

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* The pictures of depicted above are mockups and the current beta version may vary.


Technical Specifications

  1. Screen Time and Digital Activity data are collected by Atlys Explorer by running a service in the background to detect when the device is unlocked and locked, and when a new app is launched and closed. Screen time and app usage are calculate by measuring the time between the aforementioned activities. This data is stored only in the users personal database.

  2. For the beta version of Atlys Explorer users will initially only have the option to select from the default widgets such as “Distracted Driving” which compares user’s driving speed and number of times they unlocked their smartphone. The production version of Atlys Explorer will have features that allow for combining any data set the user wants to visualize.

  3. In this beta version of Atlys Explorer users can only start collecting their sensor data, and store them on their own device. All data from connected sources are de-identified at source and encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption. In future versions of Atlys Explorer users will have the option to backup their data to a private and encrypted cloud database, as well as pulling historical data from other sources or uploading their data to the app as a CSV file.

  4. Atlys Explorer only uses your device’s GPS sensor to track your location - if you have selected for your location data to be collected. The GPS coordinates collected are converted into addresses and locations using Mapbox’s reverse geocoding API service.

  5. Health data is collected from the Google Fit app. To enable this data source, users will be prompted to log in to Google Fit and allow Atlys Explorer to gather their health data into their personal encrypted database. Users will have the option to allow Atlys Explorer to automatically update their database with their health data, manually update, or set to update at regular intervals - for example every 2 hours. Connecting to other third-party health apps coming soon.

  6. As we grow, we will add new data sources that can be connected to Atlys Explorer. Coming soon are Fitbit, mood tracking, social media (Facebook and Twitter data), and Google search history.